This section contains a wide range of information about dysphagia. There are resources about quality of life and fundamental aspects of care: nutrition, hydration, alternative forms of feeding, aspiration, administering medicines and mouth care.     

There is a wealth of detail, especially about modifying the texture of food and liquids, to help eating and drinking safer.  Much of the information was developed in Sheffield and we thank Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for permission to include these resources in the Toolkit.  There are also on-line resources for everyone and academic articles. 

The content is likely to be of interest to:

·         People with swallowing problems and their families and friends

·         Trainers delivering sessions about dysphagia

·         Staff working in health and social care

·         Students studying health and social care.


This section is for general information only.  For specific advice about swallowing problems, always consult a health care professional.