2.4 Training needs analysis

What is a training needs analysis?

A training needs analysis (TNA) is an analysis of the training, learning and development needs of individuals in an organisation.  It usually combines strategic and individual levels to balance the needs of the organisation with the interests of the individual.   Assessment of the training requirements takes into account the number of staff, their job role, their current level of competence and the desired level of competence at the completion of training.

Many organisations have their own processes, policies and procedures for training needs analysis. Contact your Human Resources or Learning and Development Department to find out more information.  

For more resources about training needs analysis, refer to link.

Why use the Inter-Professional Dysphagia Framework for a TNA?

The Inter-Professional Dysphagia Framework is a national competency framework that can be applied in a variety of sectors, including primary and secondary healthcare, social services and education.  Employers can use the five level Framework to identify the level of competence required by the whole workforce across all service locations.  

We used the Framework for a Training Needs Analysis in a large, acute hospital with around 15,000 staff.    This is summarised in the table below.   This shows a gap – a need for training at the first two levels: Awareness and Assistant Dysphagia Practitioner.   The following table shows our outline dysphagia training needs analysis using the five levels of Inter-Professional Dysphagia Framework in 2012.