2.2 The Inter-Professional Dysphagia Framework

What is the Inter-Professional Dysphagia Framework?

The Inter-Professional Dysphagia Framework, devised by Boaden and colleagues (2006) is a national competency framework for practitioners involved in the care of people with swallowing problems. 

The Framework outlines five levels from general awareness to advanced                                                                                                                                 practitioner.  The five levels are:

1. Awareness
2. Assistant Dysphagia Practitioner
3. Foundation Dysphagia Practitioner
4. Specialist Dysphagia Practitioner
5. Consultant Dysphagia Practitioner

Why we used the Inter Professional Dysphagia Framework?

We adopted the Framework for three reasons.  These were:


  1. It is a nationally recognised Framework in the United Kingdom.  It was developed with funding from the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA); the NHS Modernisation Agency Changing Workforce Programme; North and East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire Workforce Development Confederations; and the National Stroke Nursing Forum.
  2. The Framework was endorsed by a number of professional associations including the Royal College of Physicians; the Royal College of Nursing; the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists; the British Dietetic Association; and by Skills for Health.
  3. It was developed in collaboration with NHS Skills for Health to align with National Occupational Standards. This means that the competences can be easily added to Electronic Staff Records (ESR) and become part of the learning records of staff employed by the National Health Service (NHS) in England.   Importantly, the competences and the ESR are portable, moving with staff as they work in different NHS organisations.

Further Information

A two page summary of the Inter Professional Dysphagia Framework is available here  

The 39 page Framework is available here